Who doesn’t love Farfetch, or Net-a-Porter, or Matches? These sites have changed the way we shop. These companies have evolved because when you are public, you must continue growing or putting out serious profits yearly.

I always loved the Farfetch model. Farfetch gave boutiques across the globe a platform to connect with a larger net of people who would buy their products/inventory. Now, it looks and feels like all the other sites, such as Net-a-Porter. The majority of these online marketplaces across the globe are in trouble. Their valuations have plummeted.  Why?

I do not know the nitty-gritty of how the business works. Did the stores pay a monthly fee?  Did they have to promote their sales to get to the top of the site?  It would be worth looking under the hood to see the business model and what worked. Maybe it was never made to work at what the public markets wanted it to work at.

Farfetch has a market cap of 38 million compared to 5.6 Billion when it went public. What a buy. There is an opportunity here to scale back Farfetch to its bare bones and add the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies, secure shipping prices, and make it work.

Something will happen; I just hope whoever takes control doesn’t kill it completely. There is value there for everyone.