Quick Trip to LA

We spent our winters in LA for years, but then I decided to start Gotham, so that changed. Instead of parking it in LA for months, we go back and forth. When we got here on Thursday, it felt really good. Maybe it is what the doctor ordered. Emily now lives here, my brother and sister-in-law live here, and so do a few excellent friends, making it even more worth it.

First thing, dinner with Em. We went to Isla, a new spot from the team at Crudo e Nudo. The place has a great vibe, just like Crudo. The menu is more extensive, and there is also indoor space. The hamachi is top.

And for their first try at pasta, a win. Uni pasta is rich, creamy, and so good.

When we got back to our car, we noticed someone had smashed our window, and a few other cards. Nothing was taken, just a smash. It bummed us out. Someone who is probably not in the right state took out something on these cars.

The next day, we went on an outing with my brother and sister-in-law. I wanted to visit the Cheech Museum, so the plan was made. Instead of stopping in one of the many amazing dim sum places in the San Gabriel Valley, we drove to Yang’s Kitchen in Alhambra.

Fresh Chinese breakfast food that is light, flavorful, and healthy. Such a great find; thank you, Emily. My sister-in-law wants to return even though it is far from our homes. I would love to go back for dinner, but it will probably take hours to get there. We shared the cornmeal mochi cake topped with miso syrup, blueberries, and whipped cream on the side if you ask. I had the special rice cooked in chicken broth, crispy scallions, soy egg, raw scallions, mushrooms on top, and cilantro.

The Alhambra Farmers Market is on Sunday. We walked through to check out the wares. I have never seen this at the farmer’s market before sugar cane. Then we saw it again later when they melted the sugarcane into drinks. It must be grown in the area.

Then we drove to the Cheech Museum. He has collected over 500 indigenous artists committed over 40 years ago to help the community. It is incredible what he has done. Huge applause. There were some of my favorite pieces.

These by Frank Romero

And this one by Candelario Aguilar Jr.

Wayne Alaniz Healy

Sonia Romeo. Cheech has a large collection so they rotate the work.

Here is Cheech! What a cool man.

We walked around the town and into the Mission Hotel. I’m not sure I will be back to the Inland Empire any day soon, but I am so glad we went. Fun road trip!.