Mindless Content

Our family is a group of content lovers. My brother and sister-in-law, their kids, my sister and our kids. It’s a family affair. 

Fred and I love making sure to see every film that we believe has Oscar potential so we can voice our opinions.  It’s fun to discuss and talk about. Everyone has their own taste, so it’s a mashup.  

When I was a kid, I loved TV shows, but I found I couldn’t read and watch TV when we had kids, so I chose reading.  Fast forward to now, and I can do both. So during COVID, we watched a few series, but once life began again, we turned back to films or short series, and I mean short. 

I tend to like heavier content or documentaries, but the other night, I watched a movie that someone recommended.  She said I should try something lighter. And I finally did

It was light, and I howled at points. I have genuine respect for a new form of entertainment I have obviously been missing out on. My sister-in-law loves this kind of content. I now get it.

I’m not sure I will shift my ways, but once in a while, I will bust loose.