Perspective is a gift. Decisions, expectations, careers, relationships, everything evolves, but being able to look back at some of those times that seemed so hard, but in the end, you get through it.

2023 was a wild year. I learned a lot about myself this year, and that is hard work. The ability to look inside and become more aware of how I operate in the world with my friends and family has been a worthy gift to me.  

Building Gotham this past year has been epic on multiple levels. Turning a vision into a reality that evolves daily is exhilarating, challenging, and educational. I have met a slew of amazing people that I get to work with every day. One year has flown by, and plenty of challenges are ahead, but what I know now is giving me plenty of perspective. 

This year, our children are now adults who live their own lives, setting down their roots, and we are lucky to spend quality time with them. They are each impressive in their own right.   

Our beloved dog, Ollie, passed. I so loved that dog. He had a helluva life.

2023 has been a strange time in the world, but as always, time moves forward, and I hope 2024 will correct some of those wrongs. That younger people run for office and older people will step aside, that we have more empathy in the world, that we stop holding on to the past and embrace the future, that cannabis becomes Federally legal, that cryptocurrencies change the banking systems, and we all embrace more time in the present moment. 

I welcome in 2024 with open arms, keeping perspective as my word of the year.