Chinese Apps

Temu, SHEIN, TikTok, and CapCut are the top apps downloaded in the US, and TikTok is number one. Temu had a Super Bowl ad touting its low-cost products that are so low that there is no way that they are making money, especially when the products are being shipped from China. They are grabbing eyeballs and customers from American companies like Etsy, Instagram, and Amazon.

I have no idea what conversations are happening behind doors with the CEOs of top tech companies and the US Government, but these companies are not paying taxes. Still, then again, most American companies are not either. Regardless, American companies, which include Mom and Pop stores, are being hindered by these Chinese apps, and Amazon and Etsy are not allowed to operate in China.

Temu is the worst of them. No taxes are paid if the packages they send to the US cost less than $800. Also, they are losing billions a year just grabbing these customer’s loyalty. Over time, this will force some American companies to shut down and lose revenue flow.

Sure, people will be upset if the US says these Chinese apps/companies can not operate in the US anymore because how come they get to operate in our free economy and we can’t operate in theirs? But remember, Americans’ memories are short. After a few weeks, we will all get over TikTok closure and find other apps that keep us entertained and buying.

This is what the Federal government should be working on versus the blame game going inside the walls of Washington without any light at the end of the tunnel to pass bills that make sense for the American economy.