IVF and more

So, in Missouri, you can’t get a divorce if you are pregnant, with no exceptions. Alabama is banning IVF. Abortion has been rolled back thanks to the Supreme Court. Birth control is undoubtedly on the docket.

Let’s call it what it is: it is about rolling back women’s rights so that their only role is to stay at home and take care of their children and husbands. Is there that much fear from white conservative men? What about the conservative women? Do strong women scare weak men?

One part of the country, that would be the majority of people, is evolving as people. Women hold 35% of the top-paying jobs, building businesses and significantly impacting the economy. Why do men believe they can not make decisions over their bodies?

IVF is a no-no, but passing legislation to help young children get educated or eat a proper meal every day is out of the question. Every one of these regulators is talking from two sides of their mouths.

I am so angry; every woman with a brain should be too. These crazy people, including the pastor who preached that women should not wear shorts because men are men, should not be given one dime of Federal funding. This behavior is reminiscent of the 1800’s.

If you do anything this year, do the most important thing and go out and vote every one of these assholes out of office. Biden might be old, and so is Trump, but what is happening is precisely what Trump and the band of right-wing lunatics have been plotting for decades.

Please look at how beautiful Iran used to be; we could live the handmaid tale sooner than we think. Get out there and support politicians who protect women’s rights with a nose to the future. Some states get it right, such as Colorado, which gives free birth control that, of course, reduces unwanted pregnancies. Why Republicans want to eliminate these programs and then not pay a dime for the children born into poverty is mind-boggling and entirely about control.

I am so angry at all of this; we all should be. The craziest thing is the GOP is out of step with the majority of the country wants by a long shot; that is what scares me the most.