Dry January Ends

Dry January has been an enormous plus for the cannabis industry. The data shows us that young people are shifting away from alcohol and view cannabis as a healthier vice. This shift is creating a challenge for the liquor industry, and that impact is being felt in arenas. People can’t puff inside an arena but can undoubtedly take a gummy.

Bloomberg did many things when he was in office, but no smoking inside might have been the most felt globally and in our lungs. I would not roll that back ever. What should be sold at events? Fast-acting mints and gummies, cannabis drinks, vapes?

As more and more people opt for cannabis over alcohol, the shift will be seen. Alcohol companies will start buying cannabis companies and lobbying for wine shops to sell cannabis or the other way around. It will be interesting to see what cannabis sales look like when Germany legalizes cannabis on April 1st. They do not have lobbyists urging them not to sell cheese, sweets, or savory condiments in a wine shop.

Party planners want to bring on the products, arenas need to figure this out, and in the end, the consumers will always find the products; the question is how can events take advantage of what everyone is taking before or during the event straight from their pocket?

Cannabis is out of the bag; it is time for the Federal Government to embrace it.