Talking on Thinking Outside the Bud

I enjoyed speaking to Bruce Eckfeldt on his podcast Thinking Outside the Bud. A 30-minute listen. You can listen here.

Some info on the site about Gotham and me below.

Cultivating Success: Inside the High-End Cannabis Industry with Joanne Wilson

In this episode, we have Joanne Wilson, Founder and CEO of Gotham NYC, a prominent cannabis dispensary in New York. Joanne shares her professional journey, highlighting her venture into the cannabis industry and the challenges faced within the New York regulatory landscape. The conversation delves into the intricacies of building a distinctive brand, emphasizing the need for a high-end luxury experience for customers. Joanne discusses the dynamic nature of the cannabis market, reflecting on her vision for the future, potential expansion into other states, and the incorporation of psilocybin products.

Joanne is a successful early-stage angel investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a diverse background in retail, wholesale, media, real estate, and technology. She has over 140 companies in her investment portfolio such as Food52, Eater, Just Works and Parachute Home, and has invested in several restaurants throughout downtown New York City. Joanne is the co-founder of Frame Home, a Brooklyn-based residential real estate development company that prioritizes sustainability with style. In addition to her business ventures, Joanne is actively involved in non-profits as she sits on the board of The Highline and The Public Housing Community Fund in NYC. Joanne’s passion for innovation and community development is evident in this latest venture, GOTHAM, which she cannot wait to share with the city she loves.

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