Anyone in the cannabis industry knows how horrible the software is that we all must use. I sat at the concierge desk the other evening and checked people in. The software we use that feeds into our marketing is crap. I met someone who built the back-end tech systems for Chase in the early 90s and said they were still using the same software. Think about when you check into an airport and how long it takes the people behind the counter to check you in. The software is antiquated.

Many of these old software systems aren’t open, so it is not like anyone can build on top of them. The market size for singular industry software is probably not as big as an investor would want, aka the cannabis space, but why can’t someone build a system that is easy for anyone to build their own?

I can’t write code and probably never will, but I understand how the systems work. After the other night, I can’t wonder if someone has ever thought of building a Lego-type software that is open, could be used for a small org or a big one, adds pieces over time, and is tweaked for your own needs with the ability to plug and play? Maybe it is out there or being built, but the technology for the cannabis space is in need of a serious upgrade.