Holding On to Power

What is happening with religion and conservative men right now is such an apparent fear of losing power. There has been a decline in religion since the mid-twentieth century. It is not shocking based on the sexual crimes, including their religious beliefs being imposed on all of us while chipping away at women’s rights.

Watching the religious rights support of Trump, who is a wife beater, rapist, divorced several times, tax evader, grifter, and appears to be an all-around horrific human being, is mind-boggling. Do we think all these people are buying his Bibles? Then, of course, we have the conservative party, which has worked hard to chip away at the progress (not enough) on civil rights, women’s rights, and, most importantly, education, which is where it all starts.

It is hard to watch and makes me angry, furious, dumbfounded, and nauseous. I want to believe, and data does point to it, that it is not the majority who applaud this behavior but the minority. In the South, where white men still rule, I wonder how the majority of people continue to vote these people into office.

How much longer will this go on? The egos, the power struggle, ugh. If only women ruled the world, we would not be where we are today. We started watching Sho-Gun, which takes place in 1600. The men were power-crazed barbarians; the church was right up there with them. I can’t help but wonder, if women were the leaders, would drawing a sword be the first thing that comes to mind when meeting others from afar? Eventually, we will get there; watching the religious right and conservative party espouse something from a different era is killing me.

I read a quote the other day by Eric Micha’el Leventhal: “Our children are only as brilliant as we allow them to be.” If we let that happen, the religious and conservative movement would probably cease to exist but we would all be in a such a better place.