Gotham Goods

When Gotham was just an idea, several pieces were in my head besides a store. There is the store, the cannabis products, the merchandise, the events, the music, the technology behind all of it, the importance of hospitality, and Gotham Goods, aka private label products.

I am the first to admit I bit off more than I could chew. I had a vision, and Gotham Goods was part of that. I knew we would eventually want to bring in our own products, so why not do it all at once? I am sure that being over 60 vs 40 had something to do with it, too, but here we are.

My first mistake was the first person I hired to execute the brand. She spent too much money, didn’t understand what taking it up a notch meant, and did not understand how to build a business from scratch. There was one shining light: the fragrances we chose are fantastic, and the sidekick she hired is also amazing who now runs Gotham Goods. So, lessons learned and a bit of regrouping, and here we are.

Tonight, we are launching functional fragrances. The packaging is beautiful, and the smells are so good! The oils contain CBD, so rubbing them on your neck, wrists, or any pain is an added bonus in relief. I love these products.

There is a void in the market for luxury body products with CBD. That was the vision. We now have candles, body/hand wash, lotions (soon to be in tubes to toss in your bag), bath soaks, a muscle salve (a huge win), and a lip moisturizer (soon to be in a tube too).

It has taken some time as always, but we are finally getting into a rhythm and moving in the right direction. If you are in town tonight, come by the store from 6 to 9 to get an aura reading, see and hopefully buy the new products, and enjoy the fun. We know how to throw a good party at Gotham.