Post Covids Reality

It will take years for us to truly understand the trauma that COVID-19 leashed on all of us. The list is long. People lost friends and family members, and education fell into an abyss with the onus on parents’ shoulders; we woke up to racism instead of the reality of classism, and most of us thought about how we wanted to live our lives when we got out of this mess. The US Government dealt with the entire national crisis so poorly.

Now, we are out on the streets again, but something has changed. It appears that most Americans are unhappy with their country even though the stock market is doing fine and the cities are humming along. Could it be that our infrastructure has been under-capitalized for so long? Our bridges require massive repair, our public transportation system needs a serious upgrade and more added to it, there are thousands of trains to travel all over Europe, and we have shit.

Every time a Democrat President comes after a Republican President, they fix the mess that the Republican President got us into. Republicans don’t care about anything but their pocketbooks; their empathy towards their fellow person appears to be zero. Britain, which has been reigned over by the Conservatives for fifteen years, is an utter disaster.

The anger is apparent everywhere. Random people are getting punched in the face by others just walking around the city. Where is that coming from? We have such anger being espoused from Trump’s mouth every day, while he should be in jail like most people would be, just for not obeying his gag order alone.

We need more housing, better transportation, and new education platforms, and we need to embrace different energy methods. We also need massive changes in the way our government works. I get the House vs the Senate, but California has a population of 40 million people with two senators. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas have a little over 5 million people with ten senators. It doesn’t work anymore. We are the most robust nation in the world and have let our country deteriorate. It began with Reagan spending money thirty percent of the budget on the military and cutting taxes at the same time, which screwed all the other programs that gave our country a conscious.

Is the answer intelligently raising our taxes and actually making America great again? In NY, they are putting congestion pricing into play by charging people $15 to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, which is no different than when Robert Moses divided black communities in two. How can they do this without first building the proper transportation? Oh, they need the money from the toll first. What does that say about how our system works? Nothing good.

Even the lords of technology have created a mess instead of using this relatively new world to spend more time doing good than bad.

It is time for someone to lead and do the right thing, which will impact the next twenty years, instead of just holding on to power. Is this just pointing to the fear of white supremacy and white men losing their rule? Americans are unhappy, and the answer is definitely not Trump. We need a serious reboot.