The Reality of Cannabis

This week, I read an article in the Washington Examiner on why Republicans must turn against cannabis. The article confirms that the media is no longer fact-checking real data; at least the Washington Examiner isn’t.

Here is a paragraph from the article. “Besides the data behind why recreational marijuana should be discouraged and prohibited, why indulge in it, to begin with? Seeking a high in all its forms is illogical and foolish. You lose even the slightest control of yourself, and you will either do something you will regret or be incapable of reacting spontaneously in an unexpected situation“.  Has this person ever had an alcoholic drink? The article is a quick read and good for a few laughs, but I believe the cat is out of the bag, and the data actually points to why it isn’t Federally legal already. The scientific data does not concur with this article’s absurd points.

Cannabis sales are expected to exceed $31 billion in 2024, with a 30% increase over last year. Almost every state has some cannabis reform, be it medical or recreational. The Governor of Virginia vetoed cannabis this past week; if I lived in Virginia, I would wonder about his ability to make intelligent decisions based on that. Who is paying him off? Maybe the illegal markets that seem to be blossoming.

If a company has more than 500 shareholders, it must go public. That law was passed in 1964 due to fraud in the over-the-counter market. Granted, it is not the same in the cannabis market. Still, when 70% of Americans want to legalize the plant, 55% of Americans smoke, and 72% believe that smoking is better than consuming alcohol, one has to wonder what the hell is happening at the Federal level.

If we all decided that cannabis should never be legal, as Youngkin in Virginia and the writer in the Washington Examiner believe, the only people who would be applauding are the illegal markets that are having their best moment ever.