Book Banning

I find it absolutely insane that people are focused on book banning, aka mind exploration. It appears a lot of these book banners are also focused on giving guns to teachers, anti-abortion, which is more complicated than just that, no taxes, and seem to support a Presidential candidate who currently has four criminal indictments on his plate, has had multiple extramarital affairs, has been married and divorced three times, has had kids out of wedlock, is also fighting a civil case. It appears that anything he has ever touched has failed. But, hey, who’s counting?

I can’t see any of this ending well, but I love what the Brooklyn Library is doing. As part of its books unbanned project, anyone 13 – 21 can get a Brooklyn Library card. That means anyone can sign out ebooks or audiobooks from wherever they live. This is to combat censorship.

There are so many things I love about this. Kids from all over the US can read books they choose to read, and the museum uses technology to spread the joy of reading. The leadership here deserves a huge round of applause.