Mitch McConnell will be remembered as the person on the wrong side of history. His right-wing views are so embedded in who he is that he continues to hold back the country. All he had to do upon announcing his retirement, thank god, was not to support Trump, but instead, he put party over country again.

He is now holding back cannabis banking, which means he is holding back federal legalization. What he is really doing is holding back time because, eventually, all of the desires of Republican Governors and Senators who believe they should not pass banking are on the wrong side of history. This is ugly politics.

The entire industry sighed in relief when the DEA announced this week that cannabis would be rescheduled to Schedule III. It doesn’t happen overnight. I mean, this is Government, but the process has begun, and it is only a matter of time before this is set in stone. This will allow research, the rolling back of 280E, the tax law that has held back the industry, and, let’s hope, other legislation to take place.

Cannabis will reach $40b in sales in 2024. So, what exactly is he holding back? Is he holding back for wealthy donors who support the Republicans who want to pay as little taxes as possible and have no interest in the health of this country? Their only interest in themselves. I find it disgusting, and so should every state that is being held back, like Florida.

Progress has already been made in cannabis, and the reality is if it weren’t for gerrymandering, their voices would be muted. The Republicans represent the minority of this country. How we change that is beyond me, but we all live in this country together, and not allowing cannabis to move forward is hurting all of us, not just the MAGAs who McConnell seems to be ok sleeping with. We can now say when cannabis is fully rescheduled, assume sometime before the end of the year; although it looks like it might be sooner than later, he will once again be on the wrong side of history.