The Pitch Deck

Was on the Pitch Deck recently.  Lots of great conversation and questions.

Here is it

Art List

artlist (1) (1)I am an investor in Gertrude.  Gertrude offers people the ability to create salons where they learn, discuss and collect art.  It has essentially taken a life of its own.  People love it.  I have gone to some salons myself.  They are intimate, interesting and really great.

Then as Gertrude began to grow another business began to reveal itself to the entrepreneur.  Why isn’t there a place on line where people can essentially re-sell their art.  The secondary market is one of the biggest drivers in the art world.  It helps galleries and it is the backbone of auction houses.

What if there was a place online where you can buy and sell art in a peer to peer marketplace.  Well there is now.  It is called ArtList.  It is simple.  What I love about it more than anything is that they share their commission 50/50 with the artists.

Artist make money when a gallery sell their works.  Galleries represent artists and help them build their businesses essentially.  This way artists do not have to sell their work to collectors.  Yet when collectors decide that they want to sell a piece of art that they have collected for a variety of reasons then why doesn’t the artist always benefit from that sale?  Now they will.

Check out ArtList.  I am very excited about this platform.

Wrap up on Sundance

imgresWe had actually been out to Sundance many times but we never went to see the movies. The slopes are usually empty!  This year the snow is barely there.  The slopes feel a bit like April.  We also planned ahead and got tickets to more than a handful of movies thanks to our friends who joined us.

The festival is incredibly well run.  Everything we saw is well done.  The acceptance process is rigorous and the percentage of movies accepted versus the ones that applied is quite small.  I believe most of what we saw got picked up which means it could be at a movie theater near you or somewhere where you can see it in the near future.

Here is what we saw.

The End of the Tour.   Based on David Lipsky’s book surrounding a road trip he took with David Foster Wallace on his Infinite Jest book tour.  Really well done film.  A small slice of Foster’s life and a glance of the pain he carried around with him daily.

Sleeping with Other People    Winner.  We all loved this film.  Funny, well written, great chemistry among all of the actors.  A next generation of When Harry Met Sally.

I Smile Back  Based on Amy Koppelman’s book I Smile Back.  Sarah Silverman plays the main character.  A wife and mother in Westchester who appears to be living the life but is really disturbed, sad, depressed and trying to numb her pain through drugs and alcohol.  Silverman proves she has serious acting chops.

Experimenter.   Based on Stanley Milgram’s experiments in 1961 testing people on their willingness to obey authority.  I didn’t know of this experiment.  Pretty fascinating topic.

The Stanford Prison Experiment.   I really did not like this film.  It made me angry.  I did not know about this experiment until now.  A famous psychologist at Stanford ran an experiment where college kids participated over a two week period and they were either made prisoners or guards.  What happens is so disturbing and what is more amazing is this professor is still respected in his field.

Brooklyn  Will probably be a big summer hit.  Set in 1950’s a young woman immigrates to the US from Ireland.  She must ultimately choose between both countries.

The Full Rachet

I was on the Full Rachet recently.  It was fun to talk with Nick Moran who is insanely positive.

Here is the listen.



koI have been to all the David Chang restaurants in NYC except for Ko.  Then Ko closed and reopened.  Kind of bummed I missed the first Ko but beyond thrilled I got to do the wine dinner at the new Ko.   The sommelier, Jordan Salcito first picked the wines and then the executive chef, Sean Gray (and of course David Chang) then put together the menu.  Some of the things we ate were honestly epic.  The wines were pretty damn awesome too.  It was a long meal and I will try and recall as much as possible.   The new room is fantastic.
champagneWe began with some champagne that paired well with the rounds of canapes.  Prevost La closerie “Les Beguines”

canapesThe first group were yakitori skewers.  Grilled mushrooms and bacon wrapped scallions.  I believe the other was a quail egg that melted in your mouth and a meat.

canapes1Wrapped crispy phillo dough stuffed with a melted cheese and a dot of truffle oil and something potato oriented.

canapes2This last grouping was incredible.  Vegetable shiso wrap, small tartlets with caramelized onions, melt in your mouth phillo dough layered with roe and creme fraiche and then a stuff crispy green cigar.  The beauty of the plate alone takes your breath away.

fish and trufflesThis dish was a poached white fish in a white sauce and shaved black truffles over the top.

oystersPlump oysters that slid down your throat.

wineUp for another wine.  A Dreissigacker Reisling Frocke, Rheinhessen, Germany 2013.  Crisp and delicious.

sushiThis photo does not do this raw platter justice.  A whole raw fish that had been opened up and stuffed with sushi that was so buttery that it glistened.  Lots of beautifully prepared raw vegetables on the side to wrap with your fish and some dipping sauces.

seaurchinUni sitting on top of a puree of watercress.

morewineTime for more wine.  Moreau-Naudet, Chablis 1er cru Forets, Burgundy, France 2011.  Love this label

omelet:caviarA light soft rolled cheese omelette served with a dollop of caviar and a sweet tart creme fraiche.

quailNow the main courses begin.  Two beautifully roasted pheasants.

chickenandpieThis was then served to each of us.  A slice of pheasant with foie gras and black truffle.  Accompanying this was a slice of pheasant stuffed pie that was like an English pie.  The pie was so incredible that I did not want to finish it.  Just layers of goodness.

last bottleA switch to red wine.  Stella di Campalto, Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany 2007

steakNew York strip served with a roasted onion.

breadA must with a steak is creamed spinach tucked inside this beautiful piece of bread that was like a challah parker rolls.

potatoesTwice baked potatoes.

fennelTime to cleanse the mouth.  Fennel and clementines.  I really loved this.  Simple and fresh.

sherbertVanilla ice cream with an orange flavoring on top.

one more wineCome on another bottle of wine.  Karthauserhof, Eiteisbacher “Karthauserhofberg” Riesling Auslese Ruwer, Germany 1998

sugarpieSugar pie with a scoop of gelato.  The crust was incredible.  You can tell that the chef had trained with someone in England.  Very much like the pies in Britain.

cookiesCookies just because we should have a few more bites.

allwineLet’s finish off with a glass of d’Oliveras, Terrantez Madeira from Portugal 1977.  Here is a photo of all the bottles.

All and all a wonderful evening.  I wish I had better details of everything we ate but the pictures give you an idea of how incredible the food was.  Funny enough I did not leave feeling full.  Maybe I have just got better at the pace.  I definitely did not finish my plate except for the peasant on everything.  All and all I might just have to go back sooner than later.




Women’s Entrepreneur Festival, another year

As always I am so thrilled with the event.  It is incredibly empowering to be part of something where the energy level is ridiculously high.  The best part is that I really do believe that we are making a difference when it comes to women entrepreneurs.  It can be women who go on to build huge companies or to women who build life style businesses or even build out their non-profits.

Over the years I have heard from women that felt the community and conversation gave them the power to take that leap into being an entrepreneur after staring over the edge for so long.

The panels this year were all excellent.  You can watch them at your leisure on LiveStream.  Lots of great nuggets in each one.   There are even the panels from last year on the feed.

All and all incredibly exhilarating.


To Los Angeles we go

images-2As always we plan in advance.  About three years ago we started discussing how great it would be to spend our winters in Los Angeles, CA when the kids had flown the coop.

I was born in Los Angeles.  Our entire family has ties back to LA from an internship I did there for a semester in college (that Fred came along with me for and postponed his thesis) to my sister living there for four years to my Grandmother who lived in Laguna to my brother and sister-in-law who moved to LA over 10 years ago to raise their daughters.  We have spent lots of time in LA.  I always feel at home the second I get off the plane.

So making a decision to spend an extended period of time in Los Angeles was an easy one.  The time has come.  Fred and I will be in LA as of next week.  My idea was to not come back to NYC until the temperatures gets above 50 degrees.  Not sure we will get there but we will make our way back to the east coast sometime in early April.

What’s great about what we do is that all we need to do is bring a phone, a computer and we can continue doing what we do.  And so…life won’t change except we will be a bit warmer this winter.


Post college jobs for the Millennial Generation

imgresI have been meeting with a variety of people who are starting to plot their next move out of college.  The majority of them are not sure where to go and how to exactly begin.  It appears from talking to most of them that their parents don’t either.  As much as parents feel connected to their kid, the millennial generation is a very different breed.

People born between 1980-1999 are millennials.  Many of the technology companies that we read about today are being built by this generation of kids.  They grew up wired and they were also a product of helicopter parents with tight schedules of playdates.

This generation has witnessed instability in the workplace from the banking world to companies downsizing and perhaps because of that so many are pursing entrepreneurship and jobs in start-up companies.

The opportunities to enter a space that is of interest to an upcoming college graduate is pretty broad.  Culture fit is so important.  It is about figuring out the two year plan vs the ten year plan.  If you want to be in the food industry then figure out which end of that industry and all the possible companies to work for.  Keep at it until you break in.  If it isn’t for you, try again.

I invested in Lynxsy to help students find jobs in the start-up companies that they are looking for.  Lynxsy is geared towards the non-tech jobs and there are plenty of them.  Every time I sit down with the entrepreneurs behind this company I get excited about what they are building and the kids that they are providing these opportunities for.  They get this generation because not surprising, they are millennials themselves.


There are a slew of new documentaries being made around women and the technology industry.  Having these films be shown creates conversation and with the obvious hope is change will come.

Here is one called Code.  Just a teaser and spot on.

CODE teaser from Finish Line Features, LLC on Vimeo.