Ned Lamont

When a moderate middle-of-the-road state like Connecticut sends a message to the politici09lamont337ans in Washington, like they did yesterday, it might be time for the Democrats to wake up.

Ned Lamont deserves a huge round of applause from the Democratic party.  Each Senator should be on the horn wishing him a big congratulations.  Shame on Lieberman for attempting to divide the party even more by not giving Ned the nod and going on the road as an Independent so the voters of Connecticut can put a Republican Senator in office. 

Americans are looking for leadership.  They are sick of the war.  Our young men and women are dying for what?  We have set a ball in motion in the middle east that has created havoc.  Israel is now at war with Lebanon.  Terrorists have set up shop in the poor uneducated communities of Lebanon that are funded by Syria.  For what? 

Thomas Friedman wrote a brilliant editorial in the NYTimes today that defines one of the major problems in the Middle East.  Israeli’s are interested in creating a healthy economy whereas the Lebanese can look forward to what?  Where are their schools, their economy, their hospitals?  Iraq is in the midst of a civil war.  Innocent people are getting killed everyday by a war funded by the rich oil barons of the Middle East.  What happens when the oil runs out?

George Bush took our country into a war that was perpetrated by lies.  He didn’t even attempt any diplomatic resolutions.  Our US Senators gave this man the okay to do.  If I knew this was insane, how come they didn’t?  Because it is politics as usual. 

Our country is no longer looked at from overseas citizens as a wonderful nation.  They are disgusted with what we have done. Quite frankly, so am I.  How can one party being run by one man create such a mess internally and externally  in only 6 years. 

It is a shame.  The good news is that we are a Democracy.  We have the ability to vote our leaders in office and out of office.  The people of Connecticut have spoken.  Change is needed.  Our nation should be applauding everyone of those people who pulled the handle for Ned Lamont yesterday.  I hope this is only the beginning.  It is time.