Little Miss Sunhine

10m_1This has not been the summer for movies.  Perhaps if the studios would release all movies on every medium possible at the same time, such as DVD, Internet, movie theater, etc. it would change the content.  They would surely find a new way to create revenues but change is hard for people who are entrenched in their own industries.  They have been writing the same balance sheets and using the same techniques to create revenues around the movies for so long, it is really  hard to think out of the box.  Too bad.

I actually believe if they attempted a whole different strategy it would force studios to put out better content.  People aren’t going to the movies this summer because the films suck.  Coming up with answers such as more people are renting DVD’s is just analytical crap.  The movies are god awful and aren’t worth spending $6.50 a ticket plus popcorn plus whatever you need such as a babysitter to go see a movie that is awful.  If all movies were released at the same time, the consumer would truly make the decision to see them in their medium of choice and the content would have to be better to get people to actually want to watch them.  Unfortunately we aren’t there yet. 

I believe that consumer driven content on the Internet and the viral explosion of MySpace and YouTube has confirmed my beliefs.  New artists (not that I am saying that studios shouldn’t continue to make films but figure out a better way of distributing them) have become over night sensations because consumers have said "i like them and am going to listen to them".  It isn’t a music executive or a TV executive deciding if the content is good enough to create an audience around it.  The audiences are finding the content and creating communities around it.  Interesting change is afoot. 

Yet there is always a bright spot among the bad movies this summer.  Little Miss Sunshine is one of the best films I have seen in years.  Clever, funny, smart, great performances, etc.  Truthfully there isn’t a bad scene in the entire film.  I don’t think I have laughed so hard at a movie in years.  I walked out feeling wonderful.  I can’t stop thinking about the film.  Brilliant writing.  A true gem. 

Little Miss Sunshine was the favorite at Sundance Film Festival last year.  I’d love to see the Film Festivals around the country put the films on line during the actual festival and let a bigger audience see the films and get consumer driven feedback from companies who could monitor the information such as Tacoda.  Then maybe more studios would pick up more gems like Little Miss Sunshine than the crap that has been green lighted by the studios for summer viewing.

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  1. John Dodds

    While I agree with many of your points, you really mustn’t believe the MySpace hype – the bands that really break through from there have generally been revealed to have moved to that medium following a series of traditional marketing tactics. I have detailed some of these on my blog and I will also leave you with a quote from a survey of teens and twenty-somehtings as featured in the LA Times this week.

    “respondents say that traditional sources such as television advertising and radio airplay still tend to drive their decisions about movies and music more than online networking sites.”

  2. wa

    $6.50 a Ticket? Are you seeing Matinees? (jk’ing) We have been stuck with 9.00 a ticket on the west coast and not much better than that in southern theaters.

    BTW: The Little Owl was outstanding on July 28th. We arrived in the city after a week in the Catskills where a restaurant and a diner are basically interchangeable concepts and though the mountains, lakes, rivers and woods are incredibly beautiful one might rather barbeque than pain the senses in search of somethng even close to a culinary experience.

    We arrived midday, set up at a town house on Perry, and braved the heat of the day with a walk to Bedford well holstered with our water bottles. Joey C. approached us outside while we read the menu, we mentioned your blog, and though they were completely booked we were given a time that a walk in table would probably be available. When we set out that evening for dinner it was. so we made a great light meal of several appetizers and a salad. Scrumptious!

    It did not escape our notice that your neighborhood review beat the NY Times! We plan on returning to the Little owl next time in the city for the Chop. Thanks again.