I am going to Barcelona in October, Columbus Day Weekend.  I’m going with my Mom and Josh.  My Mom has given each kid a special trip on their 10th Bday.  Jessica went to Paris (me, my sister and Emily tagged along), Emily went to London ( the same crew tagged along).  But Barcelona is just the three of us.  We are all into food, the arts, getting to know the town etc.

Any and all restaurants, tapas places, museums, places of interest would be greatly appreciated from all readers.  Please send away.  I have spent hours searching for blogs that might give me some good recommendations but have yet to find something great.  Any help would be great.

I’m also off to Austin for Austin City Limits in the fall with Fred, so there too. 

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  1. fred


    sourcing ideas from the blog!

  2. Charles Smith

    If you’re looking for a trip out of the city Monserrat is worth checking out:
    and a good list of restaurants compiled from foodies for an untaken trip:

    -Comerç 24: c/Comerç, 24, Tf: 93 3192102. Advantaged Ferrán Adrà disciple in an atractive restaurant. Good tasting menu.

    -Espai Sucre: c/Princesa, 23, Tf:93 2681630. Creative desserts restaurant. Go for the tasting menu paired with wines.

    -Santa María: c/Comerç, 17, Tf:93 3151227. Creative tapas worth the visit.

    -Can Tomàs (Major de Sarriá St ) The best Patatas Bravas (spicy potatos) in Barcelona go early at 12 H or 19 H. before a meal and ask for “dobles mixtas” and a caña de cerveza (glass of beer from the cask)

    -Can Pineda: Guatemala, 1. Tf. 93 3083081. Traditional catalonian dishes, simple and familiar. Booking essencial

    – Casa Leopoldo San Rafael 24, 934 413 014. In the toughest area of Barcelona is the conservatory of the catalonian cooking.

    -Cata 18.1: Valencia, 181 Tf. 93 3236818. Very good traditional and crative tapas (here called platillos) and wines. Highly recomended

    -El Mallorquí: Funky restaurant with the freshest fishes.

    -Rte. Bilbao: Perill, 33 Tf. 93 4589624. Food striaght from the market

    -Cal Pep: Plaza de les Olles, 8. Tf: 93 3107961. The best bar in BCN, with the freshest seafood , classical catalonian dishes. Always full with a restaurant at the back. Go before opening and stay at the bar. Ask Pep Manubens for his sugestions .

    -Quimet i Quimet Poeta Cabanyes, 25. Tf: 93 4423142. Classic Tavern with good tapas based in cold products. Tell them to serve you anything they want.

    -Paco Meralgo: Muntaner, 171. Tf: 93 4309027. Tapas with the best products and execution.

    – Pinotxo, El Quim and Universal The three restaurants at La Boquería Market are all three worth the vissit.

    – La Esquinica, Passeig Fabra i Puig , 296. For traditional tapas

    Groceries and Delicatessen

    Jabugo (ham and loin) and butifarras are compulsory

    -Charcutería Casa Pepe: Balmes, 377 Tf. 93 4171176 o Pza. Bonanova, 4 Tf. 93 4180087. For the best Jabugo (Joselito) and Foie Grass in Barcelona.

    -Charcutería Semon: Ganduxer, 31. Tf. 93 2016508. An institution for the barcelonian aristocratic burguessie, it’s a grocery with a parking service and a bar next to it

    -Charcutería Tivoli: Muntaner, 361 Tf. 93 2091980. Iberico ham, national and foreign cheeses and take away.

    -Charcutería Murria: Roger de Lluria, 85. Tf. 93 2155789. Centenarian grocery with typical catalonian products.

    -Mantequería Ravell : Aragó 313 Tf. 93 4575114. Cerrado los lunes. Grocery with a couple tables to sample fried eggs with foie grass.

    Catalonian pastisseries are a notch over the rest
    -Pastelería Baixas: Muntaner, 331 Tf. 93 2092542. ask fur a butter croissant , ice creams and everything. Belongs to the Relais & Desserts group

    -Pastelería Sacha: Vallmajor, 31 Tf. 93 201 32 22. Ice creams, tocinillos de cielo (can’t translate this), and the forest fruits cake.

    -Pastelería L’Escribà: Gran Via, 546 Tf. 93 4547529. The most classical pastiserie.

  3. scott

    Wow! We are going to be in Barcelona in October, too (as well as Zaragosa and some other spots). I will be sure and check in on the suggestions you get!

  4. Kristopher Wood

    It’s been 3 years since I’ve been to Barcelona so my recommendations may be dated, but you and I seem to like the same restaurants in NYC so from one foodie to the next, here are places I enjoyed when I was there:

    Cal Pep – small tapas bar – just let them feed you until you say no mas.

    Çomerc 24 – very creative food

    Hisop – If the Little Owl had more mimimalist decor and were in Barcelona, this would be it

    Espai Sucre – all desert restaurant, literally means Sugar Space

    Ca L’Isidre – fantastic Catalan

    Els Pescadors – seafood

    Alkimia – small, chef run (met him when I ate there), and delicious.

    Hopefully, these places are still there and they kept creating and innovating and didn’t rest on their laurels so they will still be fantastic.

  5. Longtime Reader Karen

    Barcelona = I would normally avoid a bus tour, but I sat on the second level of a double-decker to see the principal sights of Barcelona and it’s really a great thing to do. Why? Because most of the key things to see in Barcelona are architecture (Mr. Gaudí of course) and what could be better than to see them a little higher than street level! Viewing the great unfinished cathedral, the Sagrado Corazón, at that height, remains a great memory of Barcelona.

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