August Osage

I saw August Osage yesterday afternoon.  Initially I was hesitant to go see it.  3 1/2 hours for a play?  But, I had heard it was a must see.  I bought two tickets, one for myself and a friend.  Couldn’t imagine Fred lasting 3 1/2 hours through a play when he barely makes it through 2 hours.  My mistake, he would have loved it.

My expectations were high from all the chatter I had heard and the praise was right on the money.  The play is brilliant.  3 1/2 hours flies by.  The acting is fantastic, the story line is riveting.  A layered plot of a family from Oklahoma who comes together because their father is missing.  The lines are sharp. The characters are so engaging I felt like I was reading a good novel.  The playwright, Tracy Letts, doesn’t miss a trick.  Watching history repeat itself through each generation.  The relationships between mother and daughters, husband and wife, pecking order between the siblings, etc.  Insightful, funny, dysfunctional, drug addicting, abusive. I could go on and on.

Leaving the theater, one can’t help but reflect on their own families although the Westons ( main family in August Osage ) hopefully beats out anyone in being dysfunctional by a long shot.   One of the best plays I have seen in years and probably one of the best plays that I will ever see on Broadway.  August Osage is an instant classic.