Jets, Jets, Jets…


I have been to countless sporting events but I have never attended a NFL game.  Today was a first.  I learned a few things.  The majority of people are wearing Jets jerseys and so you should too.


People love to congregate in the parking lots before the big game eating food, tossing the ball and tossing back a few cold ones.


Many people in the parking lot actually grill before the game.


There is some really good food in the parking lot.  I made sandwiches with mozzarella, homemade pesto, prosciutto and chopped cherry tomatoes and turkey with sliced apples, honey and goat gouda.  Little did I know that I should have brought the grill. 


Every stadium, baseball or any sport, gets a "wow" when you first see the field.


Last of all, sometimes there is more going on in the stadium than on the field so you should really wear the jersey of the home team.  I didn't feel it would in my best interest to take the actual picture of the lunatic screaming next to us. 

J-E-T-S….jets, jets, jets…