Copenhagen, Day 2

I got up around 3am and then fell back asleep again around 430am.  Everyone was up and ready to roll early.  We pushed ourselves over the edge today.  My legs are killing me and I am exhausted but all good.

We started the day off at Foodshop No. 26  Very cute bakery/store.  There are only a few seats and we parked ourselves there for coffee, breakfast and a few muffins.

Started the day off right with eggs and the bread of choice here, brown bread with grains.

We then began to walk.  Passed the hotel boat house.  We chose not to stay there but a cool concept.

This buidling is called Black Diamond which is where the Royal Library is housed. 

Continued down through this neighborhood waterway.

Chity chitty
Took a photo of this building because it reminded me of the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

This particular piece of graffitti is outside the area called Christinia.  Christinia is an area of Copenhagen that is a self proclaimed freetown.  It is basically a commune governered under a special law that allows the community to govern itself.  You can not take pictures as there are signs everywhere telling people that and one should be respectful.  It is a very cool place.  A total hippie town and also the area where the city of Copenhagen has turned its back to its main source of revenue which is selling pot.  About 850 people live there.

We walked through an absolutely prisinte beautiful neighborhood to get to the Opera House which is on the waterfront.

Hopped on the water taxi to get to the other side.  Love that.

Had a little coke light break before walking over to the beach.

The beach is amazing.  Kids are playing on a huge mound of sand and surrounding that area was a sand castle contest.  Not sure how long the display stays up but there are entries from other countries. 

This is one of my favorite castles.

Behind this area of the waterfront is where we had dinner the other night, Geist.  There was a bakery nearby that only served one type of bread and when they sold out, they would close for the day.  It must not have worked out because now there is now a new bakery called Meyers Bageri. It has been there about a year.  Had a bite of this tasty bread.  Sesame seeds, poppy seeds rolled into a sweet pastry.  Kind of got the savory sweet thing going on here.  It is called a frosnapper.

Now we have hit the area with the stores.  First stop Lot 29.

Second stop, Storm.  A very cool concept store.  Josh had quite the t-shirt find there.

Hay, a furniture design shop.

It was lunch time so went to Restaurant Schonnemann.  It has been around since 1877.  Totally old school serving classic Danish open sandwiches.  The ceiling still has wooden beams and not much has changed in since 1877.  It is a pure lunch restaurant. 

Had to try the herring.  Sherry herring.  Super super salty.

Deep fried fish cakes with a remolaude sauce.  Quite good.  One of us had the eel sandwich and another had the halibut.

Salmon sandwich
Josh and I had the half and half.  Half smoked salmon and half gravlax over buttered rye bread with a mustard sauce on the side.  Classic.

And then we continued to shop.  Norse store for men.

Cheap Monday.

Tea shop
A.C. Perch tea shop established in 1835.  The smell in here was incredible.

Summerbird chocolates.

Goodlife shop
Good Life Shop.

Wood Wood.

Stop for coffee.  Kartar bar. 


Illum bolighus
Illum Bolighus.  Design and furniture.

Chocolate shop.  PB Chokolade located next door to La Glace.

La Glace.  Old fashioned cake shop with huge cakes and pastries.

Back to the hotel.  Exhaustion set in hours ago.  We play hard.