Kerry, tonight is the night

Tonight we will be sitting down as a family to watch the debates. We hope that John Kerry comes through as the obvious choice after the campaign. He is obviously more articulate and thoughtful in his decision making, he is obviously going to take our country in a different direction and that he is obviously going to make us a leader in the world not a tyrant. I hope George Bush shows his true colors of being a spoiled arrogant rich kid who does not think things through and is oblivious to the realities of the world today.

Kerry needs to ask the question to the country that was asked years ago by Ronald Reagan, “are you better off today than you were 4 years ago”? I am not. I am more scared about the economy, terrorism, environment, separation of classes, health care for all, lack of money for homeless, mental health, education, our leadership in the world, civil liberties, privacy, religious separation of church vs. state, inflation and our weak dollar. I could go on and on but bottom line is the vision and leadership of the Bush Administration has taken us in years back in time. We need a new voice and someone who will help us return to the roots of what America stands for.

Please John Kerry, tonight is the night. Come out and stick to the issues. Be on message. Stick it to him. Make sure he sweats. Point out that he ignored the advice of his own team. He lies. The polls must tip in your favor. Tonight is the night.

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  1. jackson

    I think he (JK) read your blog, I’m certain he’s reading mine.