I’m moving on…

The week has been exhausting.  I literally have been out of it since Wednesday morning.  But, today I have declared to myself that I am moving on.  If the majority of the citizens in this country would rather vote with their so-called social conscience vs. the economic pocket then so be it.  Those dumb schmucks that I have compassion for deserve what they get.  They’d rather have "god, guns and no gays" then they have my blessing.  We will live in our bubble of progressive, liberal, forward thinkers.  After all, that is why we live here in NYC and love it.  The majority of this country, from my perch, is ignorant.  At the end of the day, their vote actually helps my pocket book.  We will not be affected by decisions this administration has made or makes.  We are lucky because we can afford to pay for the resources that we might need but the millions that can’t are the majority of the people that voted for him.  I don’t get it.  But , good luck.  I will probably not spend a tremendous amount of time reading about the heart wrenching decisions this administration will make.  I will not spend time ranting about what America is becoming because I am obviously out of touch with the majority of Americans.  Alas.  But, I will continue to raise kids to believe in a world where u can make a difference, where u deserve to have freedom of civil liberties, freedom of choice, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to challenge authority, freedom to to say no, freedom to create a better place for the less fortunate, freedom to get a good education, freedom to travel…I could go on endlessly.   I will not cave into the morals and values of this administration.  I think they are liars to themselves and the American people.  But, today I have decided to move on.  It is what it is and it is time to hope that that 4 years will pass quickly and the damage that is and will be created can always be repaired.  That is what makes America a great country.   

So, my next blog will be about the fantastic galleries, museums and restaurants that I went to this past week.

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  1. Jenny Lawton

    Even here in Greenwich, CT — supposedly the hotbed of east coast conservatism — it was a sad, quiet die. Our customers were in a funk and downright cranky. One broke down in tears.

    So, I used to think I was the minority here in my little old town and now I feel pretty well ensconsed (okay, I live in Old Greenwich and we went Kerry which the rest of our precincts did not …).

    I refuse to believe that the country is as conservative as it appeared in the “mandate” that they gave ol’ W. I swear they pulled people out of gopher holes and told them that Armageddon was on its way and the way to slow it’s certain path was to go and vote for W not Kerry because that was sure to bring it on faster.

    I think I have to believe that.

    The good news is that we have a strong democracy and while the corners and edges of it can be broken down and made soft and mushy the center is a pretty hard core and I think it would take more than 4 years to break through to the core.

    We have four years to take it back. And we need to do that.

  2. jackson

    First Kerry then the Jets! I’m so blue I don’t know what to do.