What a drag…

What a drag of a day. We’re all so depressed over the outcome of this election. The first thing our oldest said this morning is she is now afraid of NYC getting attacked again. I said that was my last concern, I was more concerned about the economy, Roe v. Wade, civil rights and the environment. Our middle daughter couldn’t believe that people believed all the lies. Our youngest was dismayed that 11 states would vote against gay marriage. “What’s wrong with these people? Why do they care who people want to spend the rest of their lives with”? Pretty smart for an 8 year old boy.

But, alas, I am obviously a minority in this country. Why do people vote on social issues instead of economic ones. The people that voted Republican (the one’s making under $200K a year) are truly voting against helping themselves. Amazing what a good campaign can make people believe.

The good news is that Bush is going to have to deal with the shit he created over the next four years. Good luck! My guess is something worse than the horrors of the Nixon administration will happen with this group. We do live in a country that believes in checks and balances not smoke, mirrors and lies. At least we did as of yesterday. Regardless, the Democracts need to rethink the leaders of the party. We need new visionaries who have to realize that guns, gays and god are what people care about in the South and in the mid-West. How do u appeal to that crowd? Also, new leadership in the DNC would be a start too. No offense to the elder statesmen of the DNC who have no led us into two losses over the past 8 years. Step down guys, let the younger people have a try. I would believe that the younger people have a better idea of what our country is about today.

It is unfortunate that only the coasts are in sync because the 3000 miles in between would make it physically impossible to create a separate country. Oh well. I guess just flying back and forth will have to make due.

But as my friend reminded me today, Government is truly local. Let’s make Manhattan work, at least for the next four years, and hopefully the issues we care about will be the same issues as our other fellow NYers.

Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. jackson

    Dark days ahead for sure, but we made it through the madness of McCarthyism and the denial of Reganism, we can make it through Chritianism.

  2. Rance

    When you go bi-coastal, don’t forget you can always drop in us in Chicago.

  3. gwb

    this kind of hateful narcissistic self-pity calls to mind pauline kael’s famous quote in the wake of nixon’s 1972 election landslide: “i can’t understand how nixon won. nobody i know voted for him.” get over it gotham gal. just because people don’t agree with you, doesnt mean they’re bad people. wanna teach your kids something? how about …tolerance? say, of opposing views? and of (gasp) religion? what a joke — superrich manhattan folks claiming to know whats best for middle class America, and then turining downrightspiteful and nasty and bigoted when those poor misguided people actually think for themselves.

  4. Josh

    it’s fine that you disagree with gotham gal, and that you have your opinions, but please, when you don’t even have the nerve to identify yourself, that’s pathetic. It’s her site; we know who she is and what she stands for. The beauty of blogs is for people to have discussions, arguements, etc in the hopes of opening everyone’s mind, providing different perspectives and learning. It’s fine to have an opinion, but please identify yourself so we know where you’re coming from and don’t judge you like you’ve done to the gotham gal.

  5. gwb

    um, josh? you yourself don’t identify yourself. your link goes to a site which does not identify you. no one else who posts comments on this page identifies themselves. physician, heal thyself.

  6. josh

    gwb- here’s my blog. it’s my half-arsed attempt at a one. i’ll be over there if you need me. cheers.