Heavy Americans

This past weekend we went down to Puerto Rico for a little R & R.  Not that we needed it, but my husband was at an event down there so we joined him. 

You become incredibly myopic living on the island of Manhattan.  There are not a tremendous amount of over weight people walking through the streets of NYC.  That is not true for some parts of Manhattan but it is true from Battery Park City up to 125th Street, as a rule.   

I could not get over the amount of over weight people we saw this weekend.  I have always had a weight problem and with winter here, I definitely put on a few pounds.  Yet compared to the people at this resort, I was petite. 

I read, I would actually say scanned the book, French Women Don’t Get Fat, The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, during the weekend.   As someone who has dieted their entire life, there is nothing in that book I didn’t know.  It is just more the power to do what she recommends.  Portion control, lots of water, if you eat a big lunch, eat a small dinner, balance your intake, etc.  The first bite if the best bite theory.  Regardless, more people should practice the portion control and exercise.  When you do it, it works.   

Why has America become so fat?  It is certainly cheaper and quicker for a family to pick up fast food or pre-made food that is so readily available at the supermarket.  Is it the huge portions that are given at meals?  Is it that lack of exercise in the youth?  Is it the programs that have been cut from the education system so that people have not learned good exercise habits? 

There is certainly an opportunity for a fantastic fast food restaurant that is inexpensive and healthy.  People are certainly more aware now that overweight is not a positive thing.  I have even seen ads on Nickelodeon trying to teach kids about portion control. 

My guess is that the cost of health problems attributed to weight issues will cost the American health system an extraordinary amount of money before this issue is really a major focus. 

All I know is seeing true "fatties" walking around in bathing suits stuffing their plates to the brim and shoving their bodies into clothes that don’t fit makes me wonder when does that wake up call go off? 

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  1. Margaret Wunschl

    Where did you stay in Puerto Rico? We will be in Old San Juan for two nights at the tail end of a St. John trip. I have often agreed with your taste and choices on dining and travel. Will you do a little trip report on your site? Enjoy reading it, by the way. Keeps me up to date for our once a year trips to New York City.
    Thanks, Maggi