New Ideas, Same Time

New ideas flow through our house often.  A few years back, I was hanging out with my husband, my sister and our son having dinner at a beautiful spot on the East End of Long Island.  We were discussing a "great" idea.  We would open a store in the West Village, call it Cookies and Milk and only serve cookies and milk (maybe brownies too).  We could have soy milk, skim milk, chocolate milk etc. and a variety of cookies all different sizes.  We’d also have delivery services and eventually small carts around the city.  We’d have a back area where we could have cooking classes and bday cooking classes for kids.  Great idea..right? 

Josh, our son, said that we always have a great ideas but we never do them.  He’s right.  There is always a million reasons why not to do it but a certain type of person who actually executes. 

My husband who sees great ideas daily, generally ends up seeing the same idea at the same time from a group of different people.  Why?  Even if you look at history, discoveries were being made at the same time on different continents when the communication levels were nill.  It is how it is.

Today on Daily Candy, I read about a store that just opened on Commerce and 7th Avenue (the West Village) called Cookies and Milk.  My mouth dropped.  There concept is a bit different.  They have the dough available, you pick the mix-ins and wait for about 8 minutes for the cookies to be made.  My hats off to Cookies and Milk.  Great idea.  I’m looking forward to my first visit.