Strawberry Season is Here

StrawberriesI so look forward to Strawberry Season.  When they kids were really young, I’d toss them in the car and we’d pick tons of strawberries at the farms in northern Westchester County.  We’d come home and make strawberry pie and strawberry jam.  Our jam has become quite a tradition.  We always make plenty and share with our friends.  We actually ran out this past year so we have been discussing how we have to make a huge batch this year. 

Unfortunately, the weather has been tough on the strawberries these past couple of years, so the farms have not let you pick for yourself (at least in Eastern Long Island).  We have had to buy them just picked from the farm stands.  Not the same thing, but definitely the same taste. 

Jessica and I were walking through Union Square Market today and we saw the strawberries.  We are making plans for how many bottles of jam we can make.  I can hardly wait.