Eric Freeman

Perfect_life_iiIf you have read my blog, you know that we  are collectors of young emerging artists.  It is incredibly exciting to watch their careers grow. 

I met Eric Freeman 6 years ago.  He had a studio on White Street.  He had a fire the night before because the chemicals he used combusted and blew.  It smelled very smoky and luckily nothing was destroyed.  Now only was I seduced by his adorable personality, humble, charming and cute, I was wowed by his work.  He was so prolific and thrilled that I loved his work.  I immediately called Fred and said we must buy his work, today. 

I believe we purchased one of his first pieces.  It hangs in a very prominent place at our place in Amagansett.  I love it.  As I have watched his work grow, I can see the beginnings of what he is doing today in that piece.  We bought 2 more pieces after that.   

Eric is an incredibly hard worker.  You can catch him in his studio pretty much anytime. He has moved out to East Hampton and loves his environment. 

Friday night, Mary Boone, opened a show for Eric that will run for about 6 weeks.  For Eric, to be in Mary’s gallery on 24th street is a huge score.  As Fred and I said, he hit the big time.  Sold out.  I am honored to be a collector of his work and to have been there from the beginnings. 

Congratulations Eric, you deserve it.