La Boheme

Last night was the first time I had ever been to the opera.  We went to see La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center.  What an experience. 

The production is quite the event.  There are 4 scenes in La Boheme, and 4 intermissions.  2 of the intermissions are almost 20-30 minutes long.  The entire evening lasts about 3 hours. 

The sets are truly beautiful.  Each act had a different set although the first and fourth ones were similar.  If you pay any attention to what they are exactly singing, in English, you’ll wonder why someone wrote such a ridiculous story.  The lines are comical.  But, they are singing in Italian and the words sound beautiful.  There is the small device in front of your chair that translates the words. Basically they are into lots of love and their bohemian life style. 

Grand is an understatement for the Opera House.  Huge sweeping floors of marble, large windows, big red carpeted stairs up the middle, etc.  There are about 15, if not more, fabrications in the building.  You have to love the tremendous Chagall’s too. 

At one point, people probably really dressed up for the Opera.  I didn’t wear jeans but there were no ball gowns and tuxedos.  Oh well. 

What struck me funny is how after every act, the actors came out to get their applause.  The scene would end, the curtains would go down, and out with come the actors from behind the curtain to get their applause.  I found it quite funny.  Lots of bravado.

All and all, I’m glad that I went.  I am not sure that attending the opera will be an annual thing, nor a bi-annual thing, maybe a decade thing but maybe not.  It’s beautiful, it’s interesting but the truth is, I’d rather go see Death Cab for Cutie play at Hammerstein Ballroom.