Today,, published that Senator Clinton would not be voting for a Filibuster.  I am a supporter of the Democratic party but I have truly hit the wall.  I understand that they do not have full majority but they spent more time pontificating at the hearings for Alito than laying out the issues, regardless of not being answered.  Where is the backbone? 

So, after reading that Clinton would not be supporting the Filibuster, I picked up the phone and called her office.  It ends up,, was wrong.  She was supporting a Filibuster.  Regardless, my conversation with her office gave me an attempt to vent a little.  How could they not vote for a Filibuster?  This wasn’t backroom political maneuvering, this was a decision that is going to affect this country for 25 years.

I guess what is the most disheartening is that I truly wonder what has happened to America?  Are we really so dumb that we are taken with all of the lies being fed to us by this Republican party?  Are we really that Conservative as a nation?  We began with truly Liberal roots.  Our forefathers came to this country to start something new.  To create change.  We seem to be going back in time.  Our civil liberties are being taken away slowly by the day.  When is this revolt coming? 

My revolt began today with my phone call to Hilary Clinton.  I hope that the Democrats have enough spine to prevent this confirmation of Alito.  But I guess what I really have to hope for is the moderate Republicans who are not only going to have to live with a pious ideologue of a Supreme Court judge but the laws that will be rolled back that their constituency won’t support either.  I hope that they can look at themselves in the mirror.  Don’t support a President just because you are of the same party.  Support what you believe in and what the people voted for you believe in.  Our President hasn’t done that.  Perhaps some of our Republican Senators can.