Steps_from_our_roomAfter leaving Chiang Mai, we took a flight down to Southern Thailand, Krabi.  The beaches.  We stayed on an island that is about 40 minutes from the airport, and then you take a 10 minute boat ride out to the island.  During the day, boats bring people over to enjoy the beaches.  This beach was about 40 steps from our rooms.  This was a public beach. 

Otherside_with_pool_1The weather was wonderful.  It was hot and sunny during the day, then rained in the late afternoon.  The hotel was nice but the places to eat were down the beach where it was cheaper and more local.  Dinner for about $20 with beer.   Good too.  This is a picture of the beach on the other side of our resort where the pool is.  Small island.

MonkeysThe monkeys were everywhere.

Kids_in_water_1Here is a picture of the kids in the water.  It is just so gorgeous. 

Kids_walking_to_dinsThe island is very lush.  Here the kids are walking to the beach for dinner. You can see how green it is.

Beach_foodThis is a picture of one of the locals selling food on the beach.  I like their transport.

CrepemanOne of the kids favorite treats was the crepe man.  He had quite the racket going.  Nutella crepes or cheese depending on the meal. 

Josh_foot_massageJosh loved the foot massage so much in Chang Rai he opted for another on the beach.  You could get a massage anywhere on the beach. 

LowtideThis is the beach, pool side, at low tide. 

SunsetIt was relaxing and beautiful there.  I’d go back to the beaches in Thailand anytime.  A very special place.  Supposedly the best mountain climbing there.  Not my cup of tea but we saw plenty of people doing it.  Lots of backpackers too.  Very cool place.  Here is a picture of the sunset.  Spectacular.