New Cookbooks

093618474401_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_I hold myself back buying cookbooks.  Initially they look so appealing and then I find that they sit on the shelf collecting dust.  So, I opt for the magazines like Food & Wine, Gourmet and Bon Appetit to make their monthly visit in the mail.

I was at my brother’s house and he had 2 new cookbooks that he was given as a gift.  I became quite absorbed in them.  One is written by Mark Bittman, who wrote one of my favorite cookbooks.  How to Cook Everything.  A must for every kitchen.  He has now written a book called,  The Best Recipes in the World.  It is a fantastic culmination of classic dishes around the world.  It is worth the purchase.

The other book is called The New Best Recipe.  This is put out by the people behind the magazine Cooks.  Cooks tests every recipe until it is absolutely perfect.  I have made about 4 things so far out of the book.  Each one has been good and the recipes are very detailed.  A true winner.

So, if you are perusing the cookbook sections, stick with these 2.  They are winners.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Peter

    As someone who used his “How to Cook Everything” until it literally fell apart I can strongly endorse “The Best Recipe” as an even BETTER cookbook.

    I find Bittman a bit under-flavors and a bit vague at times. Neither are the case with Best Recipe… it’s an incredible book that’s just as good as their magazine and PBS cooking show.

  2. D

    FYI, the magazine is Cook’s Illustrated.