Restreview040419_175We returned to Masa this week.  It was just as incredible this time as it was last time.  The simplicity of the fish and combinations in the first few courses are sublime.  I won’t go into many details since I did the first time I wrote about Masa but will just give a few highlights.

The first being is that the reservation was for 6pm.  We thought it was for 8pm.  Why ?  Because we were sent an invite through Microsoft’s software where you can invite someone and it shows up on your calendar when you accept.  Well, they are from Colorado.  Oops.  They called us at 630 and we literally ran to the subway and got there by 7pm.  No problems.  The people at Masa couldn’t have been nicer and it did not interfere with the pace or timing of our meal.  That alone was pretty impressive.

Ok.  The highlights.  The second course was a small bowl filled with cut up toro and lots of caviar on top.  Simple, elegant and absolutely delicious.  The Uni which was wrapped in seaweed was like eating rich pudding.  Shavings of white truffles all over a piece of sushi rice was quite innovative and a real treat.  The last roll of toro and scallions is also rich and like no toro you have ever eaten.  There were so many different types of fish that I can’t recall.  Some cooked others raw but all good.

Would I go back?  In a heartbeat.

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  1. jackson

    Bourdain claims this is THE spot in NYC. I must take the Legal Diva soon.

  2. ???

    You were in a rush to get to a $400 per person meal and you took the subway?

  3. miss beancurd

    I cannot believe you got to go to Masa.. TWICE! I’m soo jealous. I only wish I had the funds to go even once- but more power to you gotham gal. I bet the the Food Bank event you went to was great too- I’d love to see Batali roasted. =)