Kids_at_highlandsOnce the havoc of travel is over and you hit the mountain, all is forgotten.  We couldn’t asked for a better weekend, weatherwise.  40 degrees, sunny and perfect conditions.

We have made the rounds too.  Snowmass, Buttermilk (all for the terrain park), and Highlands Park.  Not hitting up Ajax this trip.  It is just beautiful out here. 

We ( two other families and us) are staying at our friends ranch which is very sweet.  We are all skiing together as a group which is quite fun.  Lots of good stories around the dinner table at night.  We basically come home, hit the hot tub, make dinner, have a few drinks, watch sports, do guitar hero, play some pool, play the variety of toys and go to bed and do it all over again. 

Really nice.  Makes you want to come back next year.  Did I say Caribbean next year?  I think I can’t help but feel the tug of the West slopes calling our name.