Christine Quinn

We had a fund raiser last night for Christine Quinn.  Fund raisers are not easy.  Getting people to pony up cash to support candidates out of the goodness of their heart is tough.  There are no tax deductions or benefits just your personal desire to support a candidate who represents your beliefs in Government.  We have had a variety of fund raisers for different candidates from local to state to national politics.  What was interesting about this particular fund raiser is everybody likes Christine.  Everyone I asked to give or come said the same thing, "I really like her", "Oh, she’s great." 

She is great.  I was really impressed with her last night.  Christine is not only smart, articulate, passionate, completely understands the issues and knows them all, has gotten a tremendous amount done in a job that had been a bit stagnant so she really grabs the bull by the horns and quick on her feet.  But what I really liked is that she has a really good sense of humor and it comes across when she talks to people.  Great aura. 

I realize that Mayoral race has yet to truly begin but unfortunately as all races cost money.  Money takes time to raise.  She is definitely looking ahead at the next step of her career, which by all accounts appears to be the Mayors job.  So, if you like what you read or what you have heard about Quinn, call her office at 212.430.6354,  and send her a check at FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE C. QUINN 65 Broadway, Suite 833, NY, NY 10006 and support her voice.  We did.

(Her site is not live yet)