Katina at Ammoudi Bay

Driving over the hills in Santorini while the sun is setting is quite difficult.  We went into Oia for dinner, actually Ammoudi Bay which is the water front area below Oia.  It took us about 40 minutes, after traffic and winding roads but well worth the drive. 

Katina is one of the restaurants in Ammoudi Bay which is right near Sunshine Taverna where we had lunch the other day.  The light is incredible.  As the sun sets, the cliff which is dark red, is incredible to watch.  The air is crisp, the water is blue, just enchanting.  This picture is of what we looked out on. Dinner was as good as our other top spots. 

We had the fava beans again because it was recommended and the tomato fritters.  Both really good.  FavaThe_kitchen
beans are always served like they have been through a cuisinart.  The tomato fritters were smaller and less minty which I liked.  We also ordered the steamed greens which is a local favorite.  I am not sure what type of greens they are but sort of like kale but better.  All three mixed together really compliment each other in your mouth.  These pictures are of the 2 places they cook the food, the kitchen and the outdoor barbecue.

The girls went with the standards, whole red snapper ( fresh today ) and grilled octopus and tomato salad.  The octopus was probably the best we have had here.  I have never seen tentacles that big.  Josh went with the mussels and octopus and calamari.  The calamari wasn’t that good.  Not cut up but grilled whole.  Interesting presentation but the fish was so big that gamey is not the way to describe it because it is fish not meat but it was too intensely flavored.  Fred and I went for a local favorite.  Lobster on pasta.  Wow.  The lobsters are different here.  The bodies aren’t smooth but with lots of sharp spines sticking out.  They serve the lobster separate for you to put it over your pasta as you see fit, or eat it separately.  The pasta was a linguini that was rich, rich, rich.  Lots of butter, tomatoes and a lobster broth.  Absolutely delicious.  So glad I had that before heading home.

Then we made the drive back.  Needless to say, I was happy when we pulled into the hotel parking area.