The Plaza

The Plaza, a New York institution built in 1907, has gone through a serious transformation over the past few years.  The Plaza changed hands.  The new owners created high end condos with full concierge service and kept some floors to continue as a hotel.  They are still under construction.  The basement is going to become a small shopping plaza with stores that have been chosen as the "best" in their particular trade.  Supposedly the best lingerie store from Amsterdam, etc.  The lobby is still under construction in certain areas ( I saw blue tape over some windows ) and there is now an area that is devoted only to the people staying at the Plaza vs. people just walking through. 

When you enter the Plaza and go straight to the back, is the Palm Court.  Landmarks, who have their hand in everything, made sure that this particular room remained the same as it has since 1907.  They just recently opened up the Palm Court again for service.  As cheesy as it might be or even as touristy as it might be, I made reservations for Jessica, Emily and me to have tea the Plaza today. 

There is something so regal about the room.  You feel like a princess sitting in the large blue chairs.  We had our jasmine tea from China and the small bite sized sandwiches.  Okay, certainly the food is not worth writing about but it is about the experience.  You begin with a handful of bite sized sandwiches, no crust of course.  The next course is a scone and a lemon madeline served with a small cup of potted cream ( that was top ) and a bunch of jams.  The next round is tiny desserts from a miniature eclair to a miniature lemon pound cake. 

We were probably the only people in the room that actually lived in New York City but it was an experience worth having.  It was great.  Will we go again, seriously doubt it, but memorable, for sure.