Stockbridge Restaurant

I truly made no reservations this trip except for one night.  I had no idea what to expect. Would Jessica come with us, would she not, is Fred going to London and when, etc.  The one night I made reservations for was our first night at The Stockbridge Restaurant.

A friendly, family run restaurant in the basement of a building.  The owner runs the front room while her husband runs the kitchen.  The food is simple and delicious.  Reminded me of a place we went to in Sun Valley years ago called Vintage.  I felt like we were going to a friends house who happens to be a really good cook.

Fred and I had pan fried scallops with a tomato salsa with pancetta.  Jess and Josh went with the spicy Thai halibut over home made thin egg noodles.  Both good and we all licked our places clean.  Our main courses ran the gamut.  I went with the lamb.  3 lamb chops with an onion latke, spicy lentils and green peas.  Josh went with the duck, sliced medium rare with a duck confit and chutney.  Jess had the chicken with sun dried tomatoe and Fred went with the halibut. 

Josh was the only one who ordered a dessert which was a roasted plum crumble with vanilla ice cream on the side.

I can't remember all the simple details but if you are in Edinburgh, worth the journey.  I liked the vibe and nothing beats an all out delicious home cooked meal at a gourmet level.