Martin Kippenberger at the MOMA

27560  I will forgive the MOMA for having one of the worst websites ever.  I will continue to be member and support the MOMA but I refuse to use their site.  I would highly recommend that every MOMA board member spend half an hour surfing the MOMA website and we will see how quickly they fix it.

Regardless, the building, the restaurants and the architecture is always a good visit.  Today I saw the Martin Kippenberger exhibit.  Fantastic.

The amount of work is overwhelming but then again it is a retrospective of his life.  He died at 44 from liver cancer.  He was a serious drinker.  Prolific artist would be an understatement.  Photography, paintings, installations, drawings, sculpture.  He pushed the envelope. 

Walking through the exhibit, I could see how he has was influenced and how he has influenced artists.  One of my favorite pieces in the exhibit was a painting of a pocket fillet with pens.  It takes you a second to realize what you are seeing.  As my friend said, that is brilliant and it should be hanging in an office of a top MIT professor.  I also loved the wall of drawings on stationery from different hotels all over the world including Cecile Demille's company.  That wall shows exactly what Kippenberger was all about, art art all the time.

Definitely worth making the journey to the MOMA for this show.