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Images Palettes are a funny thing.  One person says delicious and the other person says yuck.  Once again, Foodzie, has asked me to review a few new items on their site.  I love doing this and it is really fun to get everyone's reaction.  FYI, the site is continuing to grow with new products. 

First off, Basil Oil.  My bad, we were leaving on vacation right as we got our first tasting and I spaced on the basil oil.  Got around to having it.  Absolutely fantastic.  Delicious tasty olive oil with just a hint of basil on the back end.  Great for dipping and even cooking with.  A huge hit.  Loved it.  I wish it came in a larger bottle.

This month, we have four in the queue.  We got to 3 of them, holding off on the pancake mix for the appropriate morning.

First off,  Effies Oatcakes.  These are sublime.  Think Girl Scout sugar cookie meets oats, salt and depth.  You can taste the sugar but the salt on the back end changes the entire cracker.  Good for coffee, cheese or just a snack.  A total winner.

My Husband Nuts…hilarious name.  I take a huge pass on this one.  Smoked almonds that made me feel as if I was sitting in a barbecue pit eating the almonds.  On the other hand, Fred loved them and so did our friend.  Reminded him of the Blue Diamond smoked almonds we all ate growing up ( at least we did).  Thumbs down for me, but thumbs up for Fred.

Devil in an Apron makes hand made caramels.  We tasted a few.  Good, gooey and tasty.  But, in our neck of the woods, we find caramels like this in a variety of small specialty stores that are just as tasty.  I am neutral on the caramels.  Good not great but not great enough to order and keep in the house. 

Wrap up, more Basil oil and a huge case of Effies Oatcakes.

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  1. daryn

    I don’t know if you’re a cocktail drinker, but I’ve been really curious about Q Tonic, the premium tonic water made in Brooklyn (and sold on Foodzie). I’ve read great things about it, but not quite ready to set down $58+shipping to send a case across the country.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I’m not a tonic girl. I basically drink my alcohol straight or on the rocksor wine. But it sounds good. Give it a try.

    2. Susie

      Hi Daryn,I first tried Qtonic at a party, which was how they ended up on Foodzie as I thought it was awesome. You might be able to find it at a store near you as they have some distribution around the US. FYI a few people have ordered it repeatedly. Hope this helps!Susie

  2. Johnjr

    A palette is the board an artist holds and uses to mix paint colors. A palate, literally the roof of the mouth, generally refers to the sense of taste

    1. Gotham Gal

      Right you are. Thanks for the note.

  3. Patch

    What a cool site! I had no idea. Thx

  4. fredwilson

    this post needs pictures. foodzie should have an “embed this photo” code on each of its items so you can easily blog them.etsy should do the same, btw

    1. Nik Bauman

      I totally agree Fred. Currently we have “widget” embed code kind of hiding under our “spread the word about…” link. We’re fixing that user interface (among) other things to make it a little bit more obvious what’s going on there.We like the idea of an easy way to embed photos. It would certainly be helpful to us to craft that link for our users :-)Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion!

      1. Gotham Gal

        I agree too. It would be a win win for everyone.

  5. Iniang101

    well,this’s good

  6. Julia Conway

    Thanks for the great review of Stella Cadente Basil Olive Oil! You can also purchase the product in bulk on Foodzie, eliminating the bottle size issue. We sent the Basil, as it won the 2008 NASFT sofi(tm) Gold for Outstanding Oil at the summer show last July at the Javits. Try our other flavors too! Keep up with us via Foodzie or on facebook (Stella Cadente Olive Oil).

  7. Rob

    Thank you for the review of our caramels… that is the first time I’ve ever seen “not great” used twice within a five-word span. I am a believer that perfection is not achievable, so the only honest feedback is negative feedback.We only make products that we enjoy but cannot purchase; you stated that ours were very similar to many others. I’d love to try these brands, because I’d rather just buy caramels that I like and work on making any of the other countless items I can’t find version I enjoy. Thanks.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The Chocolate Bar carries bowls of caramels in their shop that are prettyunbelievable.

      1. Rob

        Ah, I’ve had those. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Gotham Gal

      The Chocolate Bar carries bowls of caramels in their shop that are prettyunbelievable.