Piran and Portoroz

Water After a few frustrations on getting the rooms cool last night, we finally got to sleep.  Air conditioning in Europe is just not the same as the states.  The rooms get cool but not the ice box feeling we are used to.

We got up and breakfast at the hotel.  A huge room and a large porch.  In all the places we have been in through out the world, this might have been the best buffet breakfast ever.  Wonderful croissants, breads, eggs made right there, cereals, fresh fruit, lox, an entire table devoted to jellies.  And the most important thing, wonderful coffee.

After breakfast, we drove into Piran and just did a quick spin through.  No parking unless you a resident.  A quaint old village filled with sailboats.  Definitely going back to that area for dinner tonight.

We came back to Portoroz and walked the town.  The beaches filled with people.  Sandy areas, grass areas, many restaurants and bridges/piers that divide the water areas where people toss their towels down and create a their own beach. I love watching how the culture here on the beach is very different than the culture on the beach in the US.  I took this picture at the end of one of the piers.

Fred ricks pick
We all went into the water, as Fred has a thing about swimming in all the different bodies of water around the world.  Here is Fred promoting Ricks Picks latest product, the Peoples Pickle.

Back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation