Claire McCaskill

We met Claire when she was making her first run for Senator in Missouri.  I liked her from day one.  She had chutzpah.  Smart, insightful, witty and more important, she totally gets it.  You can't pull one over on her.  She is smart as a whip and street smart too.

Today, she said that she basically doesn't care if she doesn't get re-elected because she appears to be just as frustrated with the Senate as I am.  Here is her quote.

"I'm very frustrated with some of the habits around here," she said. "What happens around here is that so many people are more focused on getting everybody to love them and getting re-elected than they are on solving the really hard stuff. Because when you solve hard stuff, you make people mad."

She told me, after a few years in her job, in confidence, she was actually blown away by the amount of waste and inefficiency.  I am thrilled to see her come out and say the truth.  I knew I liked her. 

Bravo Claire!