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Perhaps my standards are way too high but I have found it takes a lot for me to have an omigod food moment.  I have found that those moments have been few and far between these days.  My New Years resolution should be trying to find the yum in more things.  

There are times of long stretches where I am just not that "wowed" by the food and I start to seriously wonder about my standards.  Are my expectations just ridiculously high?  Then, I stumble upon an evening where the omigod moment happens and I breath a sigh of relief.  We had that moment the other night at the Breslin.

We went early, as you must if you want a seat.  There is definitely a hipster air going on there and my guess is if you are a regular, your chances of getting a seat goes up but I wanted to return after eating there the first day it opened.  I am so glad I returned.

April was in the kitchen and the place was not that busy as it was January 1st at 6pm.  We began with a salad to share.  She is a master of the salad.  Chopped and thinly sliced brussel sprouts mixed with tiny chunks of Parmesan cheese, pomegranate seeds, shreds of duck breast which was probably left over from the night before and mixed with a simple lemon vinaigrette.  Absolutely fantastic.  Winter ingredients from the kitchen sink. Smart restaurant sense and incredibly creative.  Wow.

We both had a main course and split.  I have been hankering to get back to the lamb burger since the first day.  It is well worth the journey.  Juicy and full of flavor on the right proportioned bun.  The right bun is key.  Fries on the side.  I usually like thinner fries but these were crispy and delicious.  On the side was a cumin mayo that had a nice bite.  You can put it on the burger or just use it for dipping those tasty fries.
The other main was Pork Belly.  A fairly large size of Pork Belly that had been braised in apples, pears and other sweet goodies.  So caramelized that the pork shimmered and of course pulled apart when you sliced into it.  It was served over mashed potatoes and gravy.  Decadent.

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At this point we were so incredibly wowed by the meal we felt the need for dessert.  The special drink was warm egg nog with rum on the bottom.  I am a sucker for egg nog.  Ridiculously over the top with calories galore but a once a year treat.  Absolutely delicious.  We noticed that the word treacle was on the menu.  The treacle at the defunct John Dory (RIP) was one of the best desserts ever.  Lemony, rich steamed pudding.  A total wow.  The Breslin was serving a large bowl of frozen custard with pieces of walnuts and a hint of something.  I can't recall now but as Fred said, I can't remember either but damn it was good.

It was truly a relief to finally have an omigod meal out but a total hit was having it on January 1.  I hope the date and the meal is a hint to what is to come in 2010. 

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  1. Shripriya

    Your post screams omigod 🙂 Glad it was a good start to the year!

  2. fredwilson

    best meal in a month at least

  3. daryn

    Funny, my brother was just raving about how good their last meal at the Breslin was when I saw him last week. We’ll have to pay a visit next time we’re in town.And I agree, I don’t have enough omigod moments when it comes to dining, but that’s a great goal for 2010!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Definitely go. Go early.

      1. stevefried

        that cumin mayo is insanely delish. april told me it is just cumun egg yolk and a touch of lemmon zest. maybe best fries in nyc. u must try the peanuts fried in pork fat. crazy treat…she is a master. havent eatin dinner there yet just bar snacks byt cant wait. they are also opening up a speakeasy in the basement which should be interesing.. i want to try that lamb burger….heard the troter is pretty crazy,