I am not connected to the institution where I went to college.  I went to Simmons College in Boston.  I got an excellent education and when I walked out the door with a diploma in my hand I had a top job in the field I was interested in.  Why haven't I kept in touch is probably for a variety of reasons.  I had a few friends I kept in touch with after school but as a whole I always felt a bit disconnected to all the people there.  The only person I ever felt connected to in college was Fred and that obviously worked out.  I could come up with a variety of reasons why but it had more to do with me and where I was in my life than them.  So as much as I appreciate the path Simmons sent me on, I have absolutely no relationships with them or any desire to. 

Now our kids are entering the college age.  Jessica is at Wesleyan and couldn't be happier.  Last night Fred and I attended an event that was for mostly Wesleyan grads in the NYC area who are connected to the new media/internet world.  We knew quite a few people in the room.  It was a really nice event and a great way to connect to other Wesleyan graduates where the common thread is obviously Wesleyan.  That thread can go a long way.  

Both Fred and I are impressed with Wesleyan and although I have zero connection to my college days, I hope Jessica doesn't go down that path.  She has met great friends, there is obviously a network in NYC and there is something really nice about keeping up those connections as well as making more connections from people who chose the same college path.