A first full day in Tel Aviv

Fred and I left the hotel before the kids got up.  We left around 1030 and came back around 530.  It has been a seriously long day.  Meeting up with the kids at one point for a diet coke. 

Our first stop was breakfast at the Dalal Bakery.  I love how instead of fruit on the side they serve chopped cucumbers and tomatoes.  Scrambled eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, a mighty fine cup of coffee, feta and a whipped goat cheese ( both outrageously delicious ) and a basket of yummy breads.  A little butter and strawberry jam too.  Perfect.  Dalal is located on Shebazi Street which is the main thoroughfare of the Neve Tzedek area in Tel Aviv

Anita gelato
We began walking down Shebazi and stopping in any store that caught our eye.  Anita Gelato looks key although a bit too early in the morning already for this.  We found another location later on in the day. 

Rubi israeli
This store, Rubi Israel, is a must.  A concept store…even a car!  The mixture of home furnishings are fantastic including some lotions and oils and a small shop of womens clothing.  They don't ship and I didn't see myself going through customs with candlesticks and a cake plate with a glass cover in tow.  Too bad.  Such a great shop.

Angling around and over to Lilienblum which is basically behind Shebazi Street.  I found a really great store that carries both men and women's clothing calling L'Etranger.  Did a little damage there.

Stopped at the Tavi Dresdner Gallery on Achva Street as we made our way back to Shebazi.  The kids were over there and thought we might connect.  They were doing breakfast at Tazza D'Oro which they gave us high praises on later in the day.  Tavi had a video installation.  I have tried but video art just isn't my thing.

Onward.  We circled back to Shebazi and down to the beach.  Stopping in this deli to see if they had a phone card.  I love how in the local deli there are these huge cans of open olives.

Down a street to cut into the Gan Hashmal and Florentine area.  There is a lot of construction on Rothschild Street and around the area.  The stores are spread out.  It is a total hit and miss.  This small restaurant with outdoor seating only is a sushi bar. 

Ended up walking into Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery.  Nothing rocked our boat but I did like this particular neon piece that says Feelings.  It goes off and on.

I was interested in the Montefiore Hotel and it is in this neighborhood so we walked through it.  Totally packed.  Great location.  I was determined to find the Sabich restaurant that Emily Lutzker recommended we try.  I followed her directions and found it.  A total hole in the wall but honestly a culinary treat. 

Packed in a pita ( you can also get this on a plate and make your own but I let them make it for us ) is hard boiled egg, grilled eggplant, boiled potatoes, tahini, tomatoes, onions and a special yellow sauce called amba.  Emily called it a taste sensation and it is.  I have never had anything quite like it.  Yum, yum, yum.

We finally hooked up with the kids and sat down for a diet coke together before figuring out the next plan.  At this point we had done the area and were ready to head to another spot.  Josh joined our party.  The girls went out on their own.  Josh had a hankering for gelato and we didn't want to walk back to Anitas so he had a gelato at Iceberg Inside.  Good flavor but wierd consistency.

We grabbed a cab over to Dizengoff Street where there are a bunch of stores.  The guy who waited on me at L'Entranger pointed me to Fab Lab.  Fab Lab is totally fab.  Did some damage there too.  What I loved about both stores today where I made some purchases is that I have never seen any of the designers they carry in NYC or anywhere else for that matter.  As the world gets flatter, anything you buy in NYC you can buy in Paris or London or Stockholm.  This is the first time in years where I have seen totally new stuff.  Very refreshing!

We walked back to the hotel through the park on the water.  Many cool sculptures in the area.  Here is one of them.

Took this photo of all the sailboats in port before walking into the hotel.  I really love this city.  Years ago someone said to me that when you come to Tel Aviv (or just Israel) you will feel comfortable and that everyone will look like you.  I get it.  I feel at home here.  Great day…I am exhausted! 

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  1. Taliah

    Sounds like your having a good time in Israel. Y’all are definitely hitting all the right spots, best restaurants, etc. I’m curious to know what you think of the prices in Israel compared with NYC and other places.

    1. Gotham Gal

      the prices are definitely less, hands down.

      1. Taliah

        Interesting thought. I think food is probably cheaper. But other things are probably more expensive if you factor in earning power. In any case, i hope you had a great time in mul yam, which is the best restaurant in Israel, and enjoy the rest of your stay.

  2. ShanaC

    You sound so much happier after quitting the golan. The north is beautiful, but it may not be for you right now…there is definitely more going on in the cities

    1. Gotham Gal

      at the end of the day, i’m a city girl at heart.

  3. ron_c

    Great travelogue…thank you!And I really dig the food pics.Travel safe.

  4. Ariel Gluckson

    Great city! Enjoy!

  5. Gilesgoodman

    As a Tel Avivi of 5 years now (originally Londoner), I compliment your day’s tour. You hit exactly the right and almost impressive places (except you shoulda seen Hatachana)… still there is always next time… or tomorrow?

    1. Gotham Gal

      next visit. will do!