waterloo & city, culver city

A local diner converted into a neighborhood spot (think local pub)called Waterloo & City.  Really good basic food and a nice menu.  I went with my brother and my sister-in-law and their friends, who are actually now my friends too.  I have had the pleasure of meeting with my sister-in-laws friend in NYC a few times as she is in the process of building her business and I have been getting together with her to discuss when she comes into town. 

We shared all the appetizers which is definitely the way to go.  Roasted beets with blackberries, candied pine nuts and humboldt fog cheese.  These flavors always go well together.  The beets were the perfect size and I liked the blackberries as the fruit.  Really yummy.

A charcuterie plate.  Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Armagnac Prunes is in the glass cup.  Rich and decadent is the only way to describe foie gras no matter how it is served.  Then a selection of meats.  Classic and always good.

The pizza was fantastic.  Wild mushrooms with smoked mozzarella and a touch of truffle oil.  Wow.  I could have had a few pieces of this and been happy with the whole meal.  I'd even consider going back and just ordering pizzas.

For the main course I went with the duck.  Quite a large portion, definitely too much.  Thick slices of medium rare duck served over chopped mangos and basil.  Underneath this was a deep fried vegetable latke that had a little bit of a kick.  The dish was well executed and good but definitely not an omg like the mushroom pizza.

A few people had the veal special which was definitely being praised by the waiter.  Slices of medium rare veal with asparagus and a drop of truffle oil and some cheese savory pastries underneath.  Quite good.

The lamb bone dish is huge.  Large size piece of lamb mixed togehter with a crispy sheperd's pie sort of like a singular knishe and roasted spring vegetables.  NIce combo.  The chef definitely likes the idea of a protein with a vegetable and then some type of starch with a twist.  I like that.  Well balanced.

I also tasted the scallops that were served with an english pea ravioli and lemon marmalade.  All the main courses were rich and large sized.  I might prefer to go back with a group and just order loads of appetizers and pizzas.  The dessert which is a sticky toffee pudding was pretty dense and delicious.  Had that burnt toffee flavor to it. 

Great evening.  Nice place.  Great menu.  Nice vibe.  Simple and good which is always an unexpected pleasure.