winding down the summer


I can not believe that summer is almost at end.  It happens every year.  Summer just flies by.  It really doesn’t but it seems like it does. 

I can’t help but think of the Jonathan Richman song “That Summer Feeling”.  It is exactly how I feel right now.  I will be sorry to lose it but as always after the summer I come back to the city feeling refreshed and with a new head on my shoulders.

For many reasons, I spend way too much time thinking about why, what and where instead of just doing what I do.  I am going to work on that this fall. 

At the end of every summer I am usually ready to run to the city.  This year I could use a few more days, just one or two.  Maybe because the kids are older.  Who knows the reason but I will say one thing….I absolutely achieved “the look”.  I just wonder how long it will be until that look is gone.  Alas. 

I will tell you the one thing I won’t miss about summer….washing beach towels.




Comments (Archived):

  1. kirklove

    Glad you had a nice summer.

    1. Gotham Gal

      let’s connect in the fall

      1. kirklove


  2. John Revay

    Glad you got “the look”….I remember reading earlier this summer when you met your friends that already had the look.#BeachTowelsNoMore

    1. Gotham Gal

      love the hash tag!

  3. daryn

    I’ve been so heads down at the office, I fear that I’ve completely missed out on summer this year. The family has been at the beach for the past two weeks – at least I’m headed out there this weekend!And here I thought big company life would be a breeze 🙂

  4. Mike Hart

    “For many reasons, I spend way too much time thinking about why, what and where instead of just doing what I do.” Story of my life. When you figure it out let me know.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ha. Will keep you posted. I have to stop analyzing my balance a year from now. I enjoy what I’m doing and should leave it at that

  5. Cathy Donovan Wagner

    Hmmm…What is the ‘look’? I’m curious. I didn’t spend the summer at the beach like you must have – but I actually don’t mind washing towels of any sort. But socks are a different story!

    1. Gotham Gal

      The look comes after spending an extended time at the beach. Groggy and tan

  6. William Mougayar

    The good thing about this summer ending is that the weather is co-operating. It looks like September will still be relatively warmer than usual!

  7. RichardF

    glad you got the look, I think I managed it myself this year. Also the first year in a long time that I wished we could have stayed on another week, normally a few weeks and I’m ready to get back. The complete lack of a British summer of any kind this year probably had something to do with it and maybe the fish on the grill.

  8. LE

    “washing beach towels.”But at least they are easy to fold. And they come out of the dryer all toasty warm.