The last part of the High Line

highlineEasily seven or eight years ago Fred and I walked the High Line for the first time where we got on at 34th Street right across from the Javits Center.  We were both so blown away around the concept of taking an old railroad elevation and turning it into a park.  Just standing up there and walking was truly inspiring.  It made us love NY even more.

tracksFast forward we begin a relationship with the High Line.  We watched the first piece of the High Line open.  We watch the second piece of the High Line get built and open.  Sometime around then I joined the board.  Then we watched the third piece of the High Line get built and open.  In between there I pushed to relaunch the site which looks fantastic and I highly recommend everyone gets on it.   Great products!

last gaspWe walked the entire High Line from Gansevoort to 34th Street this past weekend and back again.  The last part is completely different than the other two.  Less green, wider and so more airy.  It is just such an incredible landmark.

kidsI love how the kids were all over this area.

delaneyOf course on the way back we stopped by Delaney BBQ for a bite.  The food trucks are always a bonus up there.

Every time I walk the High Line it makes me love NY even more….even if I have to navigate the crowds.  🙂

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  1. awaldstein

    You and I both.When I’m up super early, I often CitiBike up and walk at opening. Level sets me like nothing else.

  2. AG

    Absolutely love the highline! Btw, other than the board, are there ways for young professionals to get involved?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Great question. Am gonna get someone of authority to answer that for you

      1. AG

        Thanks! It’s something that I’ve unsuccesfully tried to look into once or twice before.

    2. High Line

      Hi there! Thanks for your interest in becoming involved with the High Line! We don’t have a formal young professionals committee but we do have fantastic events that might interest you, a membership program that offers special benefits, and opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to learn more!

      1. AG


  3. Charlene Ngamwajasat MD

    It’s lovely to have public open spaces in the city that anyone coming from anywhere can enjoy. Looking forward to the Low Line as well.