How do you celebrate an incredible event?

How do you celebrate an incredible event, regroup and discuss the ones to come?  It would not be going to Disneyland.  It would be going to Paris.

eggsWe arrived, dropped our bags and headed out for breakfast at Deux Magots where the people watching it prime.

afloying downWe were exhausted but there was an exhibit I really wanted to see at the Pompidou which was open only a few more days.  It was Anselm Kiefer.  The exhibit was amazing.  His work is intense, dark and just amazing.  Here is a few of the pieces.

IMG_2777That is me standing in front of one.

afdaphneI never saw his smaller structures before only his paintings.  Our friends who we had dinner with later did an awesome SnapChat story of the event.

klee`The other exhibit that just opened at the Pompidou was Paul Klee.  A huge overwhelming exhibit of his work from the beginning of his life to the end.  The man had a lot to say.

kleetooMore Klee.

morekleeMore Klee.

cheeseAfterward we made our way back to our place to get some cheese and relax.  Barthmelemy is one of my all time favorite cheese shops in the world.  I remember years ago trying to find it and I could smell it two blocks away.

flouwersWe also stopped by our local flower shop.  So beautiful.

sardinesAfter a bit of rest and relaxation we went out to dinner at Au Passage.  Menu is always changing. Really great vibe and nice people there.  Everything we split.  We began with a pistachio foie gras pate.  These grilled sardines had a spicy paprika with pickled onions and cilantro.  So good.

nettlesNettles, poached egg and pieces of pork belly.  This was an intense combo of flavors….very much went with bread to sop up that sauce afterward.

duckPerfectly cooked duck where we all had a bite.  The portions in Paris are quite different than the states.

lambThe creme de la creme was the lamb.  Super simple roasted lamb shoulder.  The skin melted in your mouth and the lamb pulled away from the bone.  It probably came straight from the farm because it did not have that heavy lamb flavor that turns many off.  What was really good was the pieces of mint sitting in a apple cider vinegar with a sharp chili oil in there.  A new spin on mint jelly.

winephotoThe night was the perfect crescendo of savory, wines, dessert and more wines.  We all decided to take the long almost hour hike home.  Thought this photo in the bathroom was hilarious.  A good beginning to a few days in Paris.


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  1. pointsnfigures

    love a good cheese shop. I haven’t been to Paris in awhile, but Madam Cantin has a pretty damn good shop if you are nearby.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Were the nettles served on a chipped plate?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yep. Very French

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Ha! Love it 🙂